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    The main goal of your dentist is to save your natural teeth. Fillings, root canal treatments, and crowns are examples of procedures that dentists use to save your teeth. Yet, sometimes, saving a tooth is just not possible. When that happens, the dentist needs to remove the tooth. Usually, the extraction happens if there’s too much damage for the tooth to be repaired or if there’s an infection. Other times people just have extra teeth that need to be removed in order to allow other teeth to come in/move to the right place. This could happen with baby teeth or with those who get braces. People undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplant may also need to remove teeth in order to keep their mouth healthy. Wisdom teeth are the teeth more often removed.


    Whatever the reason to have an extraction done, your dentist will give you directions on what to do and how to prepare for it.

    If your extraction is simple, Dr. Rausch will be glad to perform it. Dr. will give you a local anesthetic so you don’t feel pain during the procedure and then, she will remove your tooth.

    If your extraction is considered surgical, Dr. Rausch will refer you to an oral surgeon of her trust and follow you through the steps to get that done. 

    It normally takes a few days to recover after a tooth extraction. We will provide you all the information to make your recovery as smooth as possible. If you don’t feel better and it becomes very painful, if the swelling gets worse or the area keeps bleeding, please call us and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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