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Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

    A Root Canal Treatment is one type of endodontic treatment. If you ever hear the word “endodontic”, don’t be scared. It comes from

the Greek endo that means inside and don't which is tooth. So, the only thing it means is that your dentist will be treating the inside of your tooth.

Inside your tooth, there is, amongst other things, a soft tissue called pulp. Endodontic treatment (or Root Canal Treatment) is necessary when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected.

Why do I need an Endodontic Procedure (RCT)?

    Usually, a Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is needed when your pulp is inflamed or infected. Inflammation/infection happens for different reasons:

  • Deep decay / deep cavity;

  • Repeated procedures on the tooth;

  • Crack or chip in the tooth.

It could become very painful if the pulp inflammation is not treated.

How do I know I need an Endodontic Treatment?

    There are some signs that indicate something is not quite right with your tooth. Usually, the symptoms associated are:

  • Pain;

  • Prolonged sensitivity to heat and cold;

  • Tenderness to touch and chewing;

  • Discoloration of the tooth;

  • Swelling, drainage, and tenderness in the lymph nodes.


    The best way to know if you need a Toot Canal is to ask for a professional opinion. Schedule an appointment with your dentist so he/she can diagnose your symptoms correctly and proceed with the right treatment.

How Does An RCT Save The Tooth?

    Your dentist removes the inflamed/infected pulp, cleans the inside of the root canal and then fills and seals the space. Then, a crown is placed over your natural tooth to protect and restore it to its full function.

What if I don't want a Root Canal?

   You’d have the option of having your tooth extracted. However, it may not be the wisest choice to have a tooth pulled. Missing teeth will have a negative impact on your quality of life because it can cause other teeth to shift, affect your ability to chew properly and ruin your smile. Extraction is more painful than a Root Canal and it will end up being more expensive if you want to replace it later with a denture, bridge or implant a tooth also.

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