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Why Invisalign?

    If you’ve always wanted straight teeth but don’t like the idea of braces, Invisalign® might be the right choice for you. Often referred to as “invisible braces,” Invisalign® doesn’t use any brackets or wires, making it a great option for teens and adults worried about how metal braces will affect their appearance.


    Unlike braces, which attach to your teeth and use wiring to fix orthodontic problems, Invisalign® uses a series of clear, removable aligners. The aligners shift your teeth slightly, using the right amount of force in the right place for a gradual yet significant change. Best of all, because they’re custom-made for you, the aligners fit snugly but comfortably over your teeth, so you can get the smile you want with minimal impact on your everyday life.

     Invisalign® is designed to treat many of the same common orthodontic concerns as braces, such as gaps between teeth, overly crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, and misaligned upper and lower jaws (also called a crossbite).


    Invisalign® is a great choice because it is:

  • Comfortable. Invisalign’s aligners are made of smooth plastic, so there are no sharp pieces like traditional braces have which can irritate the cheeks and gums.

  • Clear. If you are worried about how you’ll look with metal braces, Invisalign removes that concern. The aligners are clear, and most people won’t even know you’re wearing Invisalign®.

  • Removable. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign® is designed to be removed when you eat. Enjoy whole apples, chocolate bars, corn on the cob—whatever you like.

  • Easy to maintain. Because Invisalign® is removable, you won’t spend a long time in the bathroom each day trying to get food out of your braces. Brush and floss your teeth as you normally would, and clean the aligners with either an Invisalign® treatment kit or lukewarm water.

  • Convenient. Invisalign® typically requires fewer office visits than traditional braces. You need office visits only about every four to six weeks to check your progress and receive the next set of Invisalign® aligners.


     Dr. Rausch is a certified Invisalign® provider. She is glad to consult with you to discuss your needs and help you evaluate whether Invisalign® is right for you. Call us today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Rausch and her team will help with through the whole process until you have a brand new smile.

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