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Teeth Whitening
About Teeth Whitening

    If your teeth are darker now than when you were younger, don’t worry. As we age, our teeth become darker due to changes in the mineral structure of the teeth. However, there are factors that may cause your teeth to become stained or discolored.

Here is a list of possible causes for your teeth discoloration:


  • Foods and drinks – Drinks like coffee, tea, dark sodas, red wine, dark fruit juices like cranberry, grape or pomegranate. Foods like tomato sauce, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, pigmented candy, dark caramel.

  • Smoking – No matter what, smoking is bad for your health. And it also stains your teeth. Tobacco (whether you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco) can cause brown stains that penetrate the enamel and are very hard to remove from your teeth.

  • Medical treatments/medications – Some medications can contribute to teeth staining, such as high blood pressure medications, antihistamines, antipsychotic medications or chemotherapy medications. Always talk to your dentist about the medication you’re taking and express your concern about teeth discoloration.

  • Poor oral care – Poor dental hygiene will lead to teeth discoloration, among other oral problems.


How to prevent teeth staining and discoloration:


  • Brush and floss regularly, especially after a teeth-staining drink or meal.

  • If you can’t brush immediately, drink water or rinse your mouth in between said beverages and foods.

  • Use antibacterial mouth wash to reduce plaque and staining.

  • Chew sugar-free gum with xylitol. It stimulates the production of saliva, which helps in keeping your mouth cleaned and fresh.

  • Eat crunchy fruit and vegetables such as apples, celery, and carrots. Strawberries and pineapple could also inhibit discoloration.

  • Talk to your hygienist/dentist about it! Do your check-up and cleaning every 6 months. Your dentist can advise on the professional whitening procedure that works best for you.


Talk to us and find out the whitening options we offer!

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